October 26, 2016

Tomasz Kurnik


Dealing with professional fishing for many years. Privately works as a professional firefighter.

Consultant for brands such as Garmin, Robinson Europe, Suzuki Marine, Ram Mount, publicist for the biggest fishing newspaper in Poland Angling World, versatile and experienced angler and professional fishing guide.

In the years 2001 – 2009 leading competitor of Poland Grand Prix and member of the Polish National Team, winner of many titles in the Polish Championships. Multiple Champion and multiple finalist Polish Champion in fishing spinning.

One of the first Polish anglers who initiated the fishing method catch and release to support the Save the Pike campaign. Passionate seeker of impressive fish species and willing to travel great distances to find them (has visited numerous European fisheries). Takes delight in catching the biggest freshwater fish in which demonstrates his mastery, catching one of the largest Catfish in Europe (260 cm, 102 In).

Consistency and persistence has resulted in successful zander catch, dedicating a considerable portion of the season. Much attention is paid to high quality equipment, and above all professional preparation in terms of accessories and clothing, having an indirect impact on fishing results. Strong advocate of modern fishing.