Milton Hoffmann

Brazil Milton Hoffman, 52, is a forestry engineer, works in the Brazilian Supreme Court and is a professor of cutlery (knife making) at the University of Brasilia. Milton is also passionate fisherman and frequents the rivers of central Brazil, mainly the Araguaia and its tributaries that form the Amazon Basin. […]

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Maik Penner

Brazil I’m from Curitiba – Parana, Southern Brazil. I love fishing since my childhood. In 2013 I started fishing from a kayak and soon fell in love. In 2014 and 2015 I won the Kayak Fishing Cup involving over 90 competitors in Brazil. In this competition I came in 6th place among 115 athletes. […]

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Rafael Renzetti Betiolo

Brazil Born in the western region of the State of Sao Paulo, Rafael Renzetti was raised and now lives in Sao Jose dos Campos, also in the State of Sao Paulo. Rafael, 29 years old, is a Mechanical Engineer with a large aeronautics company and is the founder, principal contributor, […]

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Akira Taguchi

Brazil Born in the city of Salvador, in the state of Bahia in Brazil, Akira found his passion for fishing while on school holidays at his family’s farm in the state of Sao Paulo. As an adolescent, Akira expanded his horizons to ocean fishing, but, largely from the beach. Shortly […]

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