October 26, 2016

Steve Lessard


Steve Lessard was the 2014 Hobie® Kayak Fishing World Champion. He won the title at his first world championship tournament, in unknown waters on Vinkenveen Plassen, just outside of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, fishing for Zander, Perch and Pike. Steve was the second world champion to come from the USA after Marty Mood won the title in Texas in 2012. In 2015 Steve competed in his second world championship, Hobie Fishing Worlds 5, on Shang lake in Changshu in China.

Born in Baton Rouge in 1968, Steve has lived in the unique culture of south Louisiana all of his life. Fishing and hunting come second nature to him, from an early age most of his free time was spent walking ponds and gliding along in anything that would float. As an adult he spent a lot of time fishing offshore but over time decided to try marsh fishing from a kayak.

Steve’s first experience fishing out of a Hobie kayak was an eye opener for him because of the distance his MirageDrive® allowed him to cover. That was just the beginning of his travels. He has since made great friends around the world, with anglers who also share his love of kayak fishing and exploring new places.

Steve is looking forward to welcoming his friends and some of the best anglers in the world to his home waters. He knows that they are going to have an amazing experience fishing for a world championship in the awesome marshes of Louisiana.