October 26, 2016

Rene Winklinger


Angling is my passion and it all got started, when I caught my first trout at the age of eight in my homeland Austria. Until the age of eighteen I mainly focussed on pike and carp from the bank, before I started to face up to spin fishing step by step and it turned out really soon, that this kind of more actice approach meant much more fun.

In my early twenties, I bought and imported a boat from the US to Austria,just to set it up, corresponding with my needs. Finally there was a chance to improve my skills waterborne and not from the bank only, while pike and perch were still the main species I used to focus on. 

I moved to Hamburg (Germany) for a couple of years later on, getting the chance to expand my horizon, got introduced to zander (related to walleye) angling and finally learned to love it. The vertical approach of fishing became my favored method.  

Back in Austria I wanted to put my new knowledge into practice, but the strict restrictions and laws made it rather difficult. I tried to figure out what I needed to maintain all the benefits boat side angling offered and on every favored water. It had to be an equivalent option to the highly motorized boats and the only possible flotation device turned out to be a kayak.

Aside from that a kayak offered enormous advantages! Boat side angling wouldn’t be possible with less pollution and almost completely silent. The fact that I had to learn to minimze and compress my tackle, without missing anything was a further positive side effect.

Nothing was between me and a focussed and highly effective kind of fishing anymore.