November 1, 2016

Paul Rountree

This will be my second Hobie worlds and I’m looking forward to meeting up with fishing buddies from last year’s worlds in China and meeting new anglers from around the world to drink, eat, fish and talk fishing in what looks to be a great part of USA to be hosting Hobie Worlds 6. I can’t wait to chase big fish in the low water Louisiana grasslands and mix with the Gaters and Gar in the Bayou.

I have a long history of fishing salt water and lure fishing so I’m keen to test my skills in these amazing new fishing grounds. This will be my first shot at the target species and I’m amped! I have been wanting to fish this area for years and can’t wait for the first cast and that first smashing surface take by a big bull Redfish! The Flounder and Trout don’t look do bad either…