November 1, 2016

Milton Hoffmann


Milton Hoffman, 52, is a forestry engineer, works in the Brazilian Supreme Court and is a professor of cutlery (knife making) at the University of Brasilia. Milton is also passionate fisherman and frequents the rivers of central Brazil, mainly the Araguaia and its tributaries that form the Amazon Basin. His favorite adventure is sailing with his Mirage Oasis in the uncharted wilderness in search of the famous Tucunare (Peacock Bass) that inhabit the clear waters of the Crystal River in the state of Mato Grosso. Milton believe that kayak fishing is a rewarding and also very noble practice bringing him closer to his origins in nature, and strengthening the detachment from the comforts of civilization. Milton likes to share these pleasures with his wife and son, whom most often accompany him on these expeditions.