October 26, 2016

Finn Sloth


My name is Finn Sloth. I live in Holstebro in the western part of Denmark.

I have been a fisherman all my life, and for the last 5 years, I have been fishing almost only from my Hobie kayaks.

I love lurefshing from my Hobie pro angler, but I also enjoy to flyfish. I fish for almost every species in the waters here in Denmark. but I mainly targeting the big Pike, Perch or Trout.

Last year I managed to catch 2 dream fish from the Pro Angler, a 48 lb. 8 oz. monster Pike, and a +50 lb Yellowcheek at the Hobie Fishing Worlds 5 in China. Definitely dreams come true.

I am a part of an awesome fishing team called Team Wild Out, we all fish from our Pro Angler 12’s, and we have a good YouTube channel and Facebook page, where you can see a lot more to me and my teammates. I also have some awesome sponsors: Leech Eyewear, Mustad and GeoffAnderson. I have competed in the first and third Hobie Euros in the Netherlands and Sweden. And last year I competed ind the 5’th Hobie Fishing Worlds in China, where i manage a 3rd place.

I am truly stoked about going to this years Hobie Fishing Worlds in Louisiana, and I am looking forward, to meet up with a lot of fellow kayak fishing friends, and make some new friends of cause.