October 26, 2016

Daniel Van Der Post


Dutch angler that sees his Hobie Outback kayak almost as a second home. Catching predatory fish (fresh and salt) with artificial lures is my favourite activity. Especially with the fantastic WESTIN lures, where I’m being part of the family as an official team member.

Beside fishing I’m also making articles for several websites and I’m running my own website that’s called :, I’ve qualified myself for the worlds by winning the 2016 edition of the prestigious World Predator Classic (W.P.C.) A three day tournament format that takes place at the Dutch Haringvliet Lake.

For me, fishing in the U.S.A. is on my bucket list for a long time, especially as it’s the country where the kayak fishing has seen its birth. Think the fishing from a kayak in Louisiana targeting the three species and in particular the Red Fish will be an awesome experience!

It feels to return to the basic understanding of the Hobie fishing way of live.

Looking forward to it!