October 26, 2016

Benton Parrott


Benton currently resides in Florida but he is originally from North Carolina and his childhood was spent fishing the Carolina coasts. A move to central Alabama in the early 80’s introduced him to fresh water fishing, where he frequented the Tallapoosa River and Lake Martin areas.

In the mid 90’s, Benton moved to the Mobile Bay, Alabama area fishing the lower delta of Mobile Bay and the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Now, as a seasoned veteran Benton finds himself fishing every kayak fishing tournament imaginable from the east coast of Florida to the bayous of Louisiana.

Benton earned his spot on the US team by winning the 2015 IFA Kayak Fishing Tour Championship. Benton was a real contender for the title in the 2012 world championships in Texas but his luck gave out on the final day of competition.

Let’s see if Louisiana brings him luck and 2016 is his year.”