October 24, 2016

Akira Taguchi


Born in the city of Salvador, in the state of Bahia in Brazil, Akira found his passion for fishing while on school holidays at his family’s farm in the state of Sao Paulo. As an adolescent, Akira expanded his horizons to ocean fishing, but, largely from the beach. Shortly thereafter, he discovered his first kayak and never looked back.

In 2013, Akira acquired one of the first Hobie kayaks in Brasil and his horizons have been altering his limits ever since. After receiving his 2013 Revolution 11, Akira commented “My horizons expanded with my possibilities to explore the immense ocean”. With his Revolution 11 on the ocean, Akira found his place, but, he felt that the ocean could offer more. Shortly thereafter, Akira acquired one of the first Adventure Islands in Brasil. Within a couple of days of receiving his AI, he completed his first journey of more than 10 miles on the ocean.

Ever since, Akira and the Hobie Family in Salvador, Bahia has been inviting old and new friends to experience the Hobie Way of Life. Akira enjoys ocean fishing, but, also has moved into lakes and mangroves with trolling, jumping jig, and slow jigging techniques. Akira is married with a son of 10 years.